Map of Osten Ard

I've been rereading The Dragonbone Chair, and in the process I've been working on this composite map. There are maps in the books, of course, but there are several issues. First, each book only has some of the maps, so one would have to carry all three (rather thick) volumes around in order to have all the maps handy, and there can be a lot of flipping around to find them. Even if you photocopy all the maps from the books and keep them paperclipped together or something, it can still be a lot of shuffling to find something, because different maps, aside from showing different areas, also have different details. Also, some things on the maps sometimes go by other names (e.g., a Sithi name, a Qanuc name, ...), so having them labeled with both names can make referring to the map easier in some cases. Finally, there are a few instances in which the text of the story directly contradicts the maps (e.g., the location of Haethstad, which on one of the maps is placed where Hullnir is on my map, but the story clearly states its correct location for Heathstad is the northeast corner of the lake). So I've been putting it all together into one map.

I'm not done, obviously. (Some of the islands in the south aren't drawn in at all...) I'll be finishing up while I reread the other books in the series. Nonetheless, what I have is already good enough to be useful, so, here it is. Update: I've since added a preview of the completed version.

Trying to look for Osten Ard maps on the internet doesn't appear to turn up anything this good or detailed, so I figure making it available to the public is a (small) service to Tad's readership. It's available in larger resolutions and in vector formats (SVG or eps (update: or PDF)) upon request. To request a copy now that this blog entry is no longer current, contact jonadab AT columbus PERIOD rr PERIOD com and be sure to put the words Osten Ard in the subject of the message. I've been answering one or two of these requests each month.

Please note that leaving a comment here does not automatically give me any way to contact you or send you the map. So if you want a copy, you need to follow the above instructions.


Anonymous said...

it looks good man.

John Glynn said...

I am reading the series now. Do you have a higher quality version of the map?


Anonymous said...

Me, too. Please post the higher res version. Thanks!

Cheech said...

Help! I would love a PDF formatted map but the link is no longer valid. Is there an updated link where I can email my request?

Thanks, the map looks great!

Jonadab said...

Link? There was never a link, Cheech. I don't have any place to host a large vector image like this on the web. The OCAL, for example, cannot take it for copyright reasons, since it is based on the maps from the book. I don't have a web server of my own, and the web space provided by my ISP does not know the relevant content types.

So I am sending the file by email to people who request it. Hence, the instructions in the post about how to request a copy. I've now marked up said instructions with strong emphasis (i.e., boldface type).

Unknown said...

Hey, really a great map! Could you send me the file too? Thanks