Rejected Ideas for Library Summer Reading Promotional Themes

Sometimes the summer reading themes they send you are a little bit lame. (One of them this year is You Are Here. Really.) Sometimes this gets us talking about the possibility of creating our own theme. It shouldn't be that hard...

But sometimes we get silly. Here are some of the ideas that didn't make the cut...

  • You Will Read and You Will Like It!

  • Reading: It Ain't Rocket Surgery.

  • Summer Reading... Where the Sun Don't Shine

  • Alien Vampires versus Ninja Nanobots

  • Studying All Summer Long

  • In Which We Examine Thoroughly All the Greatest and Most Widely Renown Literature of the Last Three Millennia and Draw Some Interesting Conclusions, @ Your Library!

  • O HAI. I K/\N H4Z BUXZ?

  • Tell Me Another One, Gramps!

  • Cooped Up Inside Reading

  • Books Is Good