Now for something completely different...

I was in a weird mood and wrote some lyrics, or poetry, or something. I'll just post what I wrote without further comment and let you draw your own conclusions...

Hungry is the bear who lives
A life of shameless luxury
Within the porticos of tents.
Never have the learned ones
Bathed all the infants of the poor
With such aromatic ointments.

I've come from Alabama
With a basket full of questions,
But no one ever answers me.
I'm running from the lawyers,
But I'll sing you my life's story
With the banjo laid on my knee.

Run me ragged.
Rain on my parade.
Strip me naked.
Only the truth will set me free!

Ride the endless bullet train
Until the early winter sun
Sprinkles you down upon its bust.
Cover our ears with cotton
As the earwig conceals its pups
With a thousand motes of sawdust.

I am just a single man,
Treading grapes of speculation
In the winepress of my own mind,
I've sold my hesitation
For that bread and red lentil stew
Because my brother was so kind.

Ride me roughshod.
Call me a loser.
Take my ephod.
Only the truth will set me free!

File down your fingernails
Until the marrow shows right through,
Until you've beaten a dead horse.
In a universe of pain,
Nothing fills the head with knowledge
Like the dread tutor of remorse.

Clench my collar.
Listen to me wail.
Hear me holler.
Only the truth will set me free!

Feed me toxins.
Halt my reverie.
Sell my organs.
Only the truth will set me free!

Cut me deeper.
Drain out all my blood.
Kill me faster.
Only the truth will set me free!