Yahoo: Content? What's that?

I'd like to put forward Yahoo! as my nomination for the Content? What's that? awards.

(Click the screenshot to view a higher-resolution version.)

With my OS and browser chrome all clipped out of the screenshot, the page area comes to 1542x805, a total of some 1241310 pixels. Trying to be as generous as is anything like reasonable, I estimate the content area as roughly 678x39 = 26442 pixels for the search box area (Yahoo _is_ a major web search engine, so IMO this counts), something like 401x213+286x40+131x26 = about 100259 pixels for the TODAY article, plus a somewhat more arguable 500x170 = 85000 pixels for the news headlines (which could easily be considered intrasite links, but I'm trying to be magnanimous), a total of about 211701 pixels of content, roughly 17% of the total page area. For such a major site (Alexa rank: 4), this is an embarrassingly low number, IMO.


Glowing Face Man said...

Amazingly, in Japan they seem to use Yahoo like we use Google here. I can hardly fathom how anyone can stand it.