Puff's dog tag

The state of Ohio really needs to invest in sturdier materials.

This is Puff's dog license tag, after one year. Puff at this point is over seven years old and is starting to become lethargic in his old age. He lays around the house a lot, scarcely deigning to open an eye when someone passes, the picture of lassitude. He still enjoys going on walks, but he gets them only once a week or so at this point, and never for more than a few minutes. So his tag is in much better condition than his ones from several years ago. I wish I'd saved one, for comparison, but you'll note that this tag is still almost totally legible, after a full year. You can easily tell the county, and only one digit got cut off from the number, and that only partly, so that you can still nearly make it out. Also the hole where it was attached to his collar ring is less than twice its original size, and nearly circular, and the edges are not very worn, especially the broken-off end. Also most of the paint is still present. When he was younger and more active, his tags did not fare so well. And Puff is really only a medium-sized dog: half black lab, part golden retriever, and part chow. I hate to think what a Saint or a Husky would do to such a tag.

Here's the back. My apologies for the quality of the second image. I am not very experienced at photographing small objects, and also I am not very familiar with the controls of the digital camera I used to take the shot.