Chords... sort of.

My mom heard me playing one of the primer pieces this evening and remarked, "Wow, Nathan, you're playing chords!" Well, sort of. Almost. "Chord", in the singular, is more like it at this point -- specifically, CEG. Hey, you have to start somewhere.

I'm also getting a bit better at playing explicitely marked accidentals (even if the note repeats within the measure and isn't marked again the second time), and at shifting my hand from one position to another (mostly, from thumb-on-C to pinkie-on-C and back; these two positions seem to cover most situations at the difficulty level I'm playing at at this point).

I still need to learn to read durations. I can play the notes with (approximately) the correct durations, when the piece is easy enough that I can find them in time, but only if I know the piece (and therefore know the rhythm). So learning to read the durations is an important upcoming goal.