All Made Out of Win

Okay, so my last set of lyrics turned out kind of emotionally down. I didn't set out to make them that way (and wasn't even in a down mood when I wrote them -- a weird mood, yes), but that's how they landed. So lest I present myself as some kind of bizarre incoherent emo-depressive nitwit, I wrote another set of lyrics. (These, no doubt, will still make me look like a bizarre incoherent nitwit, but in a much more upbeat way.) So, umm, here they are.

Yo, put me in a trebuchet and launch me to the stratosphere:
I'm gonna have some fun today, and then I'm gettin' outa here.
I've got a lot of gumption, and I'm gonna raise some ruckus now,
'Cause if I gain some traction I can bust it all up anyhow.
The secret of contentment isn't havin' things or doin' stuff.
You follow that old siren and you never ever have enough.
Hey, take me to the river.
Put me in a basket, or
Lock me in a tower.
I'm gonna prosper yet.

I'm always feelin' happy when my mojo gets to flowin' good.
A billion-dollar industry has taken over Hollywood,
But nevermind the critics, we're a celebratin' irony,
'Cause once we have the hutzpah we can write an awesome comedy.
Forget about the dazzle, nevermind about the cam'ra work:
We'll shoot it in a castle, and we'll use the spoon and skip the fork.
Hey, show me all the money.
Livin' out of pocket, I've
Never had a problem.
Now, tell me your excuse.

Our attitude is everything, so I am gonna celebrate.
An institute of joy has really drawn me to matriculate.
I'll never let my circumstances rule my mind or get me down,
And if I ever graduate then count on me to go to town.
I'm singin' and I'm dancin' and I'm tellin' lots of corny jokes.
Now tell me just what imag'ry my energizing rhyme invokes.
Hey, let me lift your spirits.
Lookin' on the bright side, we're
Tackle-in' the issue.
I'm all made out of win.

[Musical bridge.]

Take me to the river.
Put me in a basket.
Lock me in a tower.
Show me all the money.
Livin' out of pocket.
Never had a problem.
Let me lift your spirits.
Lookin' on the bright side.
Tackle-in' the issue.

[Short musical interlude.]

I'm gonna prosper yet.
I don't need no excuse.
I'm all made out of win.
All made out of win.
All made out of win.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Although I do tremble for the day you try to make some music to go with it.

Jonadab said...

Heh. Maybe I could let my computer do that part. (Do you remember my experiments with fractal music?)

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I was thinking about.

Jonadab said...


The main mistake I made back then was picking the wrong kind of fractal. (I should have used something along the lines of IFS. What I actually did was more like plasma.

Secondarily, I used whatever frequency the algorithm returned, without so much as rounding it to the nearest half tone, much less fitting it to a key signature.

Also, I neglected to compensate for the fact that human perception of sound frequency differences is logarithmic rather than linear.

At least the little Piezo speakers in the PCs of that era didn't support polyphony. If they had, I might've tried to implement a two-dimensional version, which probably would've resulted in physical violence against either the computers or the programmer thereof.