Okay, I'm just going to post this screenshot here to demonstrate something.


dennacematthews said...

That desktop is beautiful. Fantastic colour scheme and theme, neat layout, and interesting arrangements.

I like your style.

Jonadab said...


The layout is the product of about ten years of incremental tweaking, starting from the default setup in Gnome zero point something and making small changes here and there as seemed necessary or desirable to improve the convenience and usefulness of my operating environment.

I can't take credit for the colors, though. I originally encountered them (or something quite similar) in Emacs on the first Linux distribution I used that came with an X server (I believe it was RedHat 6.0). Until then I'd been mostly using dark blue backgrounds, but I kept fiddling with my colors because I was never totally happy with them. The contrast was always either too high (which causes headaches after a few hours) or too low (which causes eyestrain). Once I discovered this combination, it just seemed right, and so I've been using it ever since.

All of which wasn't the main point of the screenshot, but hey.