VBS Materials moved to Blogger

A while ago I secured free hosting for our Vacation Bible School materials.

Well, the free hosting didn't work out. The site was constantly going down, presumably because the free hosting service offered some things that are difficult to secure when the content providers are untrusted. More than half the time when I tried to update the content I was unable to do so, due to technical problems.

So I've moved it over to bibleschoolmaterials.blogspot.com and am now using Blogger to post the materials. One positive side of this is that it makes it easy (err, automatic, really) to keep an update history.

The downside is that it takes time to post things, since I can't just use FTP. (At least I'm *able* to post, though; with the hosting site, ftp was down half the time.) So far, all I've got up is the Bible lessons for 2007, and some general information. Nonetheless, it seems to be working out, so hopefully in the coming weeks I'll get things fleshed out over there.